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.22lr ammunition test comparison of 7 types of ammo at 100yards with Anschutz 1710ELEY Ammunition Releases Brand New Rec. Pak – USA-(Ammoland.com)-ELEY ammunition is no longer just your competition .22LR. ELEY has entered the commercial .22LR market with one goal – produce the most accurate and reliable .22LR available to.

they were all of the premium brands and cartridges (Eley, Norma Tac, etc.). The prices aren’t great, they aren’t even good as far as plinking ammo is concerned, but they were relatively in line with.

ELEY Ammunition Set to Open U.S. Testing Range, Delighting USA Shooting Team – Eley Ammunition England –-(Ammoland.com)- USA Shooting’s elite athletes will enjoy a few less overseas trips thanks to the new ELEY Testing Range that will be unveiled before team members later today.

Kalispell, MT-(AmmoLand.com)- ELEY continues to dominate the .22LR Olympic market. They celebrated success at the 2012 London Olympics with 14 out of 18 medals won using ELEY Ammunition and 71% of the.

ELEY’s Lot Analyzer is Live! – U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)-Have you ever wondered how your ammunition performed prior to purchasing? ELEY has made it possible for the .22LR shooter to see the performance before they buy. With the ELEY.

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ELEY produces the worlds most accurate .22LR ammunition and competition air pellets. ELEY offers competition, hunting and recreational .22LR for all shooters.

ELEY contact is a subsonic semi-automatic .22LR round designed to deliver extreme accuracy and improved knock-down performance with a softer sound and minimal recoil. The reduced recoil delivers quicker sight picture recovery important for the competitive semi-automatic shooter.

To learn more about ELEY contact and all ELEY rimfire products visit the ELEY website or call (404) 314-6249. About ELEY Ammunition: ELEY ammunition is a British management owned company that has been.

Montezuma, IA –-(Ammoland.com)-Crow Shooting Supply is proud to announce it now carries the entire line of ELEY .22LR ammunition, used by world-class competition shooters in all disciplines, including.

The Trunnion crew test the accuracy of several brands of 22 Long Rifle ammunition in a high accuracy target rifle. Who wins?

ELEY is the leading manufacturer of the most consistently accurate .22LR rimfire ammunition. Perfect ammo for target shooters, hunters and more.

An informal evaluation of Eley's new Action ammunition. This one is intended for recreation so more steel targets than paper on this one.