22lr Quiet Review

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Specifications. Caliber: .22 LR. Number of rounds: 50. Species: Varmint. Grain weight: 40. CCI® .22 LR Quiet 40-Grain Rimfire Rifle Ammunition.

CCI is well-known for their superior quality .22LR ammunition. This new production, non-corrosive round from CCI, released in 2012, continues that legacy of high quality with a quieter, lower-velocity round.

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i used colibri and super colibri on my s&w ar15-22. both of these are super quiet. bullet never got stuck in barrel. when manually cycling, the.

22lr Twist Rate The twist rate of a barrel to the weight of the bullet is only partially true. The true requirement of a particular twist-rate is the length of the bullet. Yes, the heavier the bullet, the longer the bullet, the faster the twist. However, the shape of the bullet can make it longer while the weight

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Within the realm of subsonic .22 LR ammunition, there exists a multitude of configurations, and not all are well-suited for hunting small game. Outside of a restrained marksman who can consistently make.

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You would think that after 125 years, the .22 Long Rifle cartridge would've faded into obscurity. It would also be logical to assume that after a century and a quarter there would little room for.

This is a discussion on CCI Quiet 22LR Ammo within the Ruger 10/22 Rimfire forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; My suppressor permit will be approved this month or next so I ordered.

This 22 LR travelling at 710 FPS achieves 75% reduction in perceived noise over regular 22 LR ammo. In fact, this ammo produces similar noise as that of a pellet gun but with far better ballistics properties.

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Looking to get a bolt action .22lr, but I'd love to get it suppressed for fun plinking. The quieter, the better! Any recommendations?

CCI® Quiet-22™ is the rimfire ammo of choice for shooting in legal areas where loud noises might attract unwanted attention, and also for training youngsters how to shoot. With less than half the muzzle report of a high velocity .22 round, Quiet-22 is ideal for getting off several shots at multiple pests before they flee.

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I use a Ruger M77/22 with a 27 1/2" barrel for testing 22 LR ammunition. In a long barrel rifle they are really quiet. As others have said, I have yet to find a semi automatic that they cycle in.

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While most standard .22 LR ammo is naturally subsonic, a couple of companies have taken the "quiet" of .22 LR plinking to new lows. I mean that in a good way, as I'm talking about new lows in terms of.

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CCI Quiet 22 Long Rifle Ammo 40 Grain Lead Round Nose ammo review offers the following information; CCI Ammunition is known among hunters and target shooters alike for delivering an explosive and accurate performance time and time again with incredibly reliable ammunition. For over 50 years shooters have counted on CCI for all of their rimfire.

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CCI Ammunition has announced that its new Quiet-22 Semi-Auto ammo, which reduces the volume of standard 22 Long Rifle rounds, is now being shipped to dealers. The low-velocity loads (835 f.p.s.

I bought a couple of bricks of the CCI Quiet 22LR. Had shot them a bit prior to today, was getting about 1" groups at 50 yards with a CZ452 Special (24.5" barrel) and an old Bushnell 10X scope, no suppressor. Today I set my old Oehler Model 33 chronograph up and measured the velocity of a bunch of centerfire and some rimfire ammo.