Will 22lr Penetrate Body Armor

In the previous post, an oft-repeated Internet legend regarding .22LR and light body armor was examined. .22LR has a reputation as a very high penetrating round, more so than .45 ACP. In this post, the results of an objective shoot test to determine the validity of that legend are posted. The outcome was quite informative

Unlikely. Most .22lr is made from lead, which is a very soft metal. I think level II body armor would stop it. I think your SWAT guy is talking about .17HMR – which supposedly can penetrate Type II body armor.

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Body armor isn't 'one size fits all', so what type of ammo can a different bullet proof vests or armor Body armour should be treated like clothes, with regular cleaning and maintenance – many Yes some projectile types will penetrate some lower quality level 3 armor, and even some higher quality.

How Many 22lr's to Punch Through ESAPI Body Armor?Body armor isn’t ‘one size fits all’, so what type of ammo can a different bullet proof vests or armor types stop?.

Yes some projectile types will penetrate some lower quality level 3.

.22 LR will penetrate a lot more then people think it can. Some here have said that .22LR penetrates easily when it hits squarely and it has been shown 2) What or how much can a .22LR penetrate: I used a 10/22 Heavy barrel, zeroed at 225 yards to harvest woodchucks on the family farm.


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A month after 22 people were fatally shot at a Walmart in El Paso.

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Can a 22LR cal penetrate body armor? Iv been searching the internet for a day looking for this info lol. I would do the test myself but have no idea where to get a vest at a good price that doesnt take a arm n a leg haha.

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After several comments back and forth with a sub of mine about the power of the .22 magnum and its supposed ability to penetrate body armor, I decided to.

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And that is the crux of my question. Standard body armor. Not two inches of cold rolled steel at 500 yards. Standard level III or III+ plates. A 22-250 at 4000 + fps and a 40 something grain hunting round defeated the plate. So body armor against a person armed with a 22-250 looks like a bad idea.

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The steel core can penetrate very well in certain barriers where the fmjs will fail but it is not a substitute for the AP not even the fastest cartriges. It is a nice trade-off and 5.56 will penetrate body armor up to certain level and it will go throug some pretty bad ass steel like hot rolled steel up to

It has been debated a long time now whether or not a 22LR shot from a rifle would indeed penetrate a (bullet proof) ballistic vest. We wanted to know as well, so we decided to test it out and let.

From a law enforcement standpoint, the ability of the .223 caliber round to defeat soft body armor, military ballistic helmets and many ballistic shields is a "double-edged sword." The criminal use of body armor is rare, but increasing. Possessing the ability to penetrate and adversary’s protective vest is obviously desirable.

Hong Kong riot police will reportedly debut futuristic ‘RoboCop-style’ body armor imported from China – The full-body armor is said to be lightweight and bulletproof as police continue to confront pro-democracy protests now in.

22LR has a reputation as a very high penetrating round, more so than .45 ACP. What can be gleaned from this test: level I armor will stop what it is rated to stop, at least as far as .22LR. For several years it has been debated whether or not .22 LR could or could not penetrate soft armor vests.

The .22 LR Iver-Johnson Cadet revolver is what was used to kill Bobby Kennedy. In his case the bullet was a hollow point and fragmented upon entering his skull. A solid lead bullet would have remained intact and what makes it devastating is most of its inertial energy is expended penetrating the skull.

Thanks for testing that, OP. Also wondering how deeply the FMJs will penetrate. We're well above 2000 fps here out of a rifle, if it penetrates deeply enough, that might make an interesting defense round, particularly out of the Savage A17.

Five days after 22 people were killed at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, panicked shoppers fled a Walmart in Springfield,